Zooming with Andy Lee

29 June 2020

When the Covid-19 pandemic first hit its peak and lockdown in Australia had just begun, our dear friend and ambassador Andy Lee was quick to approach Challenge. He reached out to let us know that despite tough social distancing measures, he would still be here to help (only in a different capacity!).

And so, we brainstormed on different ways we could interact with our families in a way that was both safe and accessible. After much thinking, we decided online book readings were the way to go. These days, we live in the world of Zoom. It is the world where we work, go to school and party – so we thought, why not read as well?

From the first session in early May, these weekly Zoom reading have proved to be a real hit with our Challenge kiddos! With endless smiles and laughter, Andy Lee is the dose of medicine every child and parent needs in their lives right now. He’s funny, social and just an all-round good bloke!

We have seen Andy read many books and we have seen him dressed as many characters (yes, one of those characters was in fact, Elsa from Disney classic Frozen). Every Thursday is a surprise and is a great way to escape the monotony and boredom of these ‘iso’ days!