Flynn’s Story

The Carnie family were living and working in Africa when their seven year old son Flynn was diagnosed with Aplastic Anaemia in 2014.

Flynn and his Mum Leanne immediately flew home to Melbourne, leaving dad Charles and his two older brothers to pack up the house. The boys loaded their lives in Africa – and everything they owned onto a container ship – following Leanne and Flynn’s lead.

“We knew we had to get Flynn the best possible care and that was at the Royal Children’s Hospital,” Flynn’s Dad Charles explained.

With the big move, a new house and three sets of school fees while looking after a child undergoing a bone marrow transplant, it’s unfortunately a tough scenario the team at Challenge often see.

“We both didn’t work for over 10 months, which was when Flynn was undergoing a transplant and ongoing treatment. We were also busy looking after our other sons Blaine and Liam,” Charles added.

Challenge recognises that dealing with the financial, physical and emotional stresses associated with treatment and recovery from cancer, or a life threatening blood disorder, can sometimes make the everyday ‘normal’ things we are used to, unattainable. This includes education.

When the Carnie’s heard about the Scaffidi Foundation Scholarship, they immediately applied. This funding opportunity is designed to alleviate the financial burden that educational fees and requirements often impose.

Soon after the Carnie’s applied for this scholarship for Flynn, their little boy was named a successful applicant for 2016, the following school year.

“This scholarship is very important. Every little bit helps and we are very grateful for the assistance provided to us by Challenge and the Scaffidi Foundation” Charles said.

The scholarship has helped set Flynn up for school this year, with the funding going towards his school fees and books.