Sandringham Yacht Club Keeps Kids Smiling

27 February 2019

For more than 20 years, Challenge has nurtured a long-standing relationship with the Sandringham Yacht Club (SYC), and it is one that we feel very privileged to share. Through their ongoing support and championing of our organisation, the SYC have empowered Challenge to continue doing what it does best: helping to make life a little brighter for kids and families living with cancer.

On Saturday, 23rd February, the SYC held yet another successful Keeping Cancer at Bay event, raising valuable funds for Challenge thanks to the tireless work of staff and generosity of members.

The following day, the SYC hosted their annual Sailing Day inviting over 150 Challenge children and their families to a day out on the water with the SYC members who kindly volunteered their time and boats to produce an unforgettable afternoon.

With blue skies, 31 degrees, and almost 10 knots of breeze, the weather gods ordained that the day be a glorious success! With a scrumptious BBQ to kick things off, families were allocated to an array of power boats and yachts, with some setting off in various directions – Williamstown, the Cerberus, and Docklands – whilst others cruised the local waters, enjoying the calmness that comes from the sound of waves gently rocking against a boat.

At the end of the marina, all the boats rafted up so that kids and parents could enjoy a nice dip in the water whilst splashing around with some inflatable toys and of course, super soakers. With impeccable weather, some kids also had the opportunity to jump on a jet-ski or try out something new like knee boarding. There was certainly something for everyone to try out.

Every family that attended the event left with a smile smeared across their sun-kissed faces. The SYC never fail to deliver a day of fun and we are so grateful for their unwavering dedication and belief in the Challenge cause.

Both days would not have been possible without this body of people – the Committees, Richard, Naomi, Robyn and all the members – that bring it together. To everyone involved, thank you for going above and beyond to help make a difference. We not only congratulate you, but also celebrate your fierce commitment.

It is the unseen work done by supporters such as the people of SYC that help Challenge bring these lighter moments to our families and bring joy to those who need it most.