Challengers’ Delight: Celebrities, Concerts, and Melbourne’s Magical Nights

05 March 2024

News: 5 March 2024

Amidst the lively buzz of conversation and the enticing scent of freshly brewed coffee, Melbourne’s eclectic, graffiti-adorned laneways have served as the backdrop for an extraordinary scene: the arrival of some of the world’s most renowned celebrities. With a contagious buzz sweeping through every corner, it seems everyone is eager to soak in the excitement that fills the air.

Some fortunate Challengers found themselves at the heart of this exhilarating spectacle, courtesy of our exclusive ticketing program. Dressed to the nines on a balmy February evening, rays of sunlight catching the glimmer of thousands of sequins, they revelled in the opportunity to witness their beloved pop icons take the stage.

Here are some shots of Challenge members, who had the chance to see international pop icon P!NK at Marvel Stadium. How special! These moments are not just events, but memories, forever treasured in the hearts of many.