Recapping our First Camp Back!

09 March 2021

It had been 12 months since we last held a Challenge Camp – one whole year without long bus rides to new places; chances to make new friends; and opportunities to try new experiences. But that all changed last weekend…

We ended our COVID-induced hiatus with the welcome return of our annual Waterskills Camp, which saw 22 Challenge troopers make their way to the charming country town of Moama. With beautiful, open spaces and the sound of nature all around, this was the perfect way to kick off our 2021 camping calendar.

The weekend mainly saw us while away the hours on the beautiful, winding waters of the Murray River – from first-time “donuters” to experienced water-skiers, everyone had the opportunity to give the water a whirl!

This camp meant the world to everyone involved. It was amazing to be back in the community, face-to-face with our members, doing the things we do best – bringing smiles to kids’ faces.

We never take any moments for granted, but this camp really reinforced that. We treasured every laugh; treasured every activity; treasured every experience under the sun… and we cannot wait to do more of it this year!

A big thank you to all our volunteers, Moama on the Murray and people of the Moama community, who helped bring this camp together. You delivered a weekend we will never forget and we cannot thank you enough.

A special thank you in particular to Mick Viney, who always puts his heart and soul into this camp.