On Saturday 22nd July, Melbourne showcased its best weather which saw the Essendon Football Club get behind Challenge and childhood cancer in their annual Clash for Cancer match!

The game raises awareness and funds for children and families living with cancer.

In the lead up to game day, 22 young Challenge members and their families excitedly made their way to the Essendon hangar, where they were given the opportunity to meet their football heroes at an exclusive training session, ahead of running out with the team.

Fan favourite Jobe Watson said, “you don’t have to do a lot as a football player to make an impact; to be able to run out with the kids, these are memories they will have for life”.

On Saturday, the players proudly wore the newly designed guernseys with the Challenge logo now incorporated, which are being auctioned off via the Essendon Football Club website until 6th August.

“It is very exciting to have our logo on the jumper, it shows Essendon’s commitment to our cause and what we are doing, and for the kids to see their heroes wearing our iconic emblem is something that they won’t forget” Challenge Chairman, Tom Gleisner said.

Saturday arrived and the excitement continued to build as our Challenge members, dressed in their Essendon jumpers and a splash of yellow, gathered on the race waiting for the big moment to arrive.

As the Essendon theme song started to play the Essendon players grabbed hold of their mini me’s and headed out with the Essendon Mascot towards the banner which read ‘Kicking goals against childhood cancer’.

Thank you to Ticket Brokers Association for providing tickets to Challenge kids and families to attend the game and cheer on the 24 members running out with their footy heroes.

Congratulations to the Essendon Football Club for their win on the weekend and thank you for making this opportunity possible.

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