Girls on a Mission

08 March 2020

News: 8 March 2020

In the spirit of International Women’s Day, there is a group of inspiring women we would like to celebrate – the Girls on a Mission.

Girls on a Mission first came to life in 2014 thanks to Cathy Burge.

For years, both Cathy and her girlfriends had discussed their desire to make a difference and do something worthwhile, which would also challenge them personally. They tossed and turned on many ideas, but finally settled on Girls on a Mission – a group of friends trekking every two years in support of Challenge.

Their inaugural trek in 2014 saw the determined women trek up the ever-challenging Mt. Kosciuszko; two years later they ventured to Tasmania to hike up the tiresome Cradle Mountain; and in 2018, they made their way to Sydney for a 20km journey around the Sydney Harbour in blistering 40-degree heat.

These girls are unstoppable and in 2020, they are back to do it all again.

This year towards the end of March, the group will head to Freycinet National Park in Tasmania where they will do the Wineglass Bay and the Hazards Beach Circuit. Though this 6-hour hike is renowned for its picturesque crystal blue waters and fine quartz sand, it certainly is no easy breeze, and we would like to wish them all the best in their trekking endeavours!

What Girls on a Mission have been able to achieve over the last six years is testament to the power women can have and the difference they can make in a world where they are enabled to be strong, striving and courageous. #InternationalWomensDay #GirlsOnAMission #WomenChangingTheWorld.

For more information, please visit the Girls on a Mission website below.