A Smile 22 Years Later

18 September 2019

Did you know Challenge once had a human-sized Leuk the Duck? Life-sized Leuk was a hit back in his day as he always sought to make an appearance at various Challenge events and activity days – much to the excitement of his fans!

Find this hard to believe? See for yourself in the first photo at the top, which dates all the way back to 1997! Here you can see Leuk and his friends – Natalie Galati and her brother, Nicholas – enjoying a night out with Challenge, watching movie after movie at the former Greater Union Cinema on Russel St. Leuk was probably a little on the heavier side back then, but after attending so many camps and activities, he has slowly worked his way back into shape.

But what makes us smile most about this photo is seeing it set side by side to the second photo attached. Same girl, same smile, only 22 years later. Not only is Natalie still smiling, but she is sharing that smile with Challenge. Natalie is a regular volunteer at Challenge and this photo was captured three short months ago at our annual Junior Camp, which she attended as a leader.

Natalie, like Leuk, is the embodiment of triumph over adversity. 

Natalie, your generosity is inspiring and is a testament to the person you are: full of compassion and determination. Your will to make a difference is as infectious as your smile – the Challenge community feels lucky to have you! #LeukInSeptember #ChildhoodCancerAwarenessMonth