A Little More About Leuk…

12 September 2019

Last week you had the chance to meet the man behind Leuk the Duck, Mark Knight. Now it’s time to learn a little bit more about Leuk himself and his role at Challenge…  

From a Challenge perspective, Leuk is our mascot and a friend to our members – someone to tell their story and champion their needs. But Leuk also has his own story; a story that has led him to where he is today.  

The story begins with Leuk being like every other duck on the pond – dabbling, swimming and making their rippling rings. But in a day, life quickly changed for Leuk when he was diagnosed with cancer. The subsequent journey was no easy waddle, but it was a battle he not only overcame, but grew from.  

When Leuk began working with his dear friend Mark, it quickly became clear that Leuk had an extraordinary way of explaining the obstacles he faced throughout his cancer journey in a manner, which did not feel daunting or overwhelming. Mark saw Leuk as more than just a mascot, he saw Leuk fulfilled a greater purpose as an educator.  

Through his understanding of the struggles faced by young people living with cancer and the simplicity with which he speaks, Leuk seeks to help ALL children and adults understand cancer and the ride it entails.  

Leuk explains how different cancers develop and clarifies why the doctors and nurses prod and poke. In his earlier days, Leuk would extend his services to the broader community, visiting schools to raise awareness around childhood cancer and explain why their friends might have no hair or could not join them at school. But above all, Leuk taught the power of positivity and how the little things and lighter moments often have the biggest impact.  

Leuk isn’t just the pin-up boy for Challenge; he is the personification of triumph over adversity. Leuk is the duck who helps to settle the ripples in the pond.