The Helmet Making a Difference

24 January 2020

Challenge ambassador Scotty James has done something truly extraordinary for our members living with cancer.

Scotty isn’t your average 25-year-old. Right now, the half-pipe supertsar is defending a streak of nine consecutive wins and is dominating the sport like few ever have. The guy is a freak and impressive in all facets of his game. But when Scotty isn’t flying over half-pipes and taking out World Cup titles, he is doing what he can to make a difference.

Scotty is a very familiar face around Challenge – especially for our members in hospital. He is cool, calm, collected with a knack for telling jokes; but most of all, he has a heart of gold and that is where he is winning most in life.

When Scotty last visited the hospital, he asked our Challenge kiddos for a small favour: a picture. Scotty asked some of his Challenge friends to draw him a picture for a very special reason and he recently revealed that reason.

Scotty has collated all the pictures drawn by our members and printed them – with the help of his friends from Red Bull – onto his helmet, which he will wear this week at the X Games in Aspen. This is an incredibly beautiful gesture of support to our members and one which really touches our hearts.

Scotty, we can’t tell you how much your support means to us and what a difference you are making. We hope your new helmet gives you the edge you to take out your 10th consecutive win – a seriously insane feat, which already has you standing in uncharted territory!

Win or no win, you will always be a champion in our eyes.