Ships Ahoy at Williamstown Boat Day!

30 March 2021

Argggh, what an amazin’ day it was with our little Challenge scallywags!

With great company and delicious food, there is no wonder why Williamstown Boat Day remains a family favourite. For the past 25 years, this day has been a highlight on the Challenge calendar. Whether the weather is overcast or the sun is shining, families always find a way to flock to this great event. With everything that Covid-19 has dished out, it was great to see so many families eagerly awaiting the adventures that would take place on Port Phillip Bay.

Our mission out to sea was initially smooth sailing, but things quickly changed as out on the horizon was a sighting of the Jolly Roger flag… the pirates were closing in. Thankfully our skipper, Captain Mick, had his own secret weapon to haul us to victory – good, old-fashioned water balloons! After fighting off the pirates, we took their treasure chest and all our trusty shipmates received scrumptious showbags of gold.

We returned to the shore with our golden treasure, and were welcomed home into the warm arms of our friends and family. What a swashbucklin’ day of fun!

To the Rotary Club of Port Gellibrand, the Royal Victorian Motor Yacht Club, Captain Mick from Williamstown Charters, the Pirates, and all our volunteers, thank you for bringing this day together. The food, drinks, boat and land activities all made this day a great success!