Throughout the cancer journey, it is often very difficult for children and teenagers to maintain schooling requirements given the emotional and physical duress of treatment. For many patients, the routine of school is often missed and its absence can sometimes engender a sense of anxiety.

We at Challenge recognise this and have aimed to address the issue by establishing The Scaffidi Foundation Scholarship. The scholarship is available to patients aged between 5 and 18 years of age who are members of Challenge and are attending either primary/secondary school or a tertiary institution.

Scholarships are awarded annually to support academic pursuits, and funds can be used for educational purposes such as school fees, tuition, books and equipment. Applications close at the end of November and are awarded for the following school year.

Application forms for the Scaffidi Foundation Scholarship can be downloaded here, or organised in hospital through the Challenge Hospital Activities Coordinator. Alternatively, you can complete your application form online.