Junior Camp

Set in Mt Eliza, our Junior Camp is designed for 4 – 7 year olds, and is a one-night, two-day camp.

Unfortunately, for so many children each year, cancer deprives them of a normal childhood. Activities such as playing in a park or with friends must be carefully monitored. Challenge helps to restore some sense of normality to these kids’ lives by organising a range of camps in a safe and controlled environment.

Amidst treatment and chemotherapy, camps such as this provide many benefits for both the child and parents. It allows the children to live simply and freely for a period of time – a chance for them to just be kids. For parents, it gives them a chance to relax and know that their child is safe and having fun in a supportive atmosphere.

Junior Camp is extra special as it is often the first camp for many and the first night away from home for some. Because of this, the camp provides a one-to-one ratio of carer to child and the maximum number of children any of our volunteers will care for is two.