CampsAges: 5-8

Cops N Kids Camp

The Challenge Cops N Kids Camp is an opportunity for our younger Challenge members to enjoy a four-day adventure in the month of November each year.

Setting off with sirens sounding, this unique experience sees more than 60 Challenge children make their way to Sovereign Hill where they discover the rare trades and forgotten crafts of the Victorian gold rush. Activities on this camp include joy flights in planes and helicopters, face painting, motorbike and truck rides, and visits to Sovereign Hill and the Ballarat Wildlife Park.

The camp was originally established by two members of the Ballarat Police in conjunction with Challenge, who wanted to provide an entertaining and invigorating experience for children with cancer. It should come as no surprise that a highlight of the action-packed schedule is the chance to not only meet members of the Victoria Police, but also enjoy the thrilling experience of riding in a police car.

The camp has been running for over two decades, which is a testament to just how successful and fantastic this four-day extravaganza continues to be for all involved.

To submit an application to attend our Cops N Kids Camp, please do so at either link below.

Please note: you have to submit an application for each member of your family (patient and siblings) that would like to attend. There are two specific forms – one for patients and one for siblings.

Challenge members can apply at this link.

Siblings of a Challenge member can apply at this link.