Kieran – Looking Ahead to Life After Cancer

09 February 2023

A heart-warming story to bring a smile to all the faces of our Challengers.

Meet Challenge member Kieran, pictured with Ceri, our Family Support Coordinator at Monash Children’s Hospital.

Life sometimes offers up its hand with hardships, and sometimes it offers up its other hand with joy. This photo captures the latter for Kieran.

After three grueling years in and out of the hospital, Kieran completed his final round of treatment, kicking cancer in the butt! Though the road to get there has been difficult, Kieran never wavered in his courage, optimism, and compassion for others.

Ceri said: “Spending time with Kieran on the ward was always a delight. Despite everything Kieran and his family were battling through, he always wore a smile on his dial. We would chat about anything and everything, but especially movies. I would come home and tell my kids about new films and TV shows we need to binge next on Netflix, and his reviews were never far from the mark.”

As Kieran ventures into this much-welcomed new chapter of his life, he will farewell cancer but continue to nurture his love of film. Having completed VCE, Kieran received the fantastic news that he was accepted into his dream course and can continue his passion for film and production.

Kieran, your zest for life and ambition to achieve your dreams will no doubt take you to all the places your heart desires. Congratulations, and well done!