Hamilton Community Rises to the Challenge

15 May 2019

For the 26th consecutive year, the people of Hamilton once again opened their arms to a group of 28 Challenge campers, hosting us for a weekend of fun and endless adventure in their beloved rural town.

The fun all began on Thursday 11th April, when we made our departure for Hamilton – a journey that took us over three hours as we forged our way through the chaos of Melbourne traffic and onto the country roads of the Southern Grampians.

With clear blue skies and the sun shining, Hamilton Camp was destined for success. From joy flights overlooking Hamilton’s sheep-grazed pastures to shearing sheep and milking cows, we all had the chance to experience what life in Hamilton is all about and the very essence of country spirit!

We truly cannot articulate what an amazing camp this was and how grateful we are to the entire Hamilton community for bringing it all together. The endless work and time the people of Hamilton invest into this camp is second-to-none and its very longevity is a testament to what an extraordinary bunch they all are.

Ideally, we would mention and thank every individual, but the list is virtually infinite. This really goes to show what a tight-knit and special community the Hamilton folk are, and we really cannot stress what a difference their generosity makes to the lives of our members.

However, we would like to make special thanks to Ann Hayes, who always goes above and beyond to ensure this camp is a lifelong experience these kids can cherish forever. You are a true superstar, Ann!

Check out some the pictures below to see a glimpse of all the fun we got up to!