Cuts for Cancer

24 November 2020

It was this time last year when Alyssa and Lucy met their prep buddy, Ava. At this time, Ava was in the midst of treatment in her battle against leukaemia.

Inspired by Ava’s bravery and continued zest for life, Alyssa and Lucy decided that they wanted to somehow support other children facing similar circumstances to Ava. They pondered the different ways they could make a difference until they settled on their chosen initiative – Cuts for Cancer.

For the last year, Ava and Alyssa have been growing out their hair so that come December, they can cut it all off and donate their hair to create wigs for kids living with cancer.

After hearing about how Challenge was able to support Ava and her family, the two girls reached out to us and asked if we could help facilitate the wig-making process. Humbled by their kind message, we agreed without hesitation.

Ava and Alyssa, well done on such a wonderful initiative. Your generosity and thoughtfulness will go a long way and help make a difference to so many lives.

You can check out Ava and Alyssa’s fundraising platform by clicking here. Please share it around and help the girls continue their mission of raising awareness and funds.