Challenge Campers School the Mighty Murray in All Things Water Sports

13 March 2019

A few weekends ago, Challenge and 30 of its junior troopers decided to ditch Melbourne’s sizzling, 40-degree heat for a weekend away on our 2019 Waterskills Camp.

Set amongst the towering red gums on the banks of the Murray River, we set up base in the picturesque town of Moama – an ideal location to put our water skills to the test!

Whilst we could list you all our highlights – whether it was water skiing along the winding waters of the Mighty Murray River or running amok with each other in the heart of Australian bushland – there really are no words that do justice to an experience as epic as Waterskills Camp. No detailed or wholesome enough description exists, which would accurately encapsulate what an absolute ball this camp was for everyone involved. It is really something you need to experience yourself.

With all that said, we do hope the gallery of photos below can provide some insight into how special this weekend truly was – a weekend where friendships were born, memories were made, and most importantly, water skills were learnt!

Many thanks to everyone involved in bringing this camp to fruition, we would not have been able to do it without you!

We would also like to commend all our Waterskills troopers for their bravery in stepping out of their comfort zone and trying something new – it is never easy, but it is the only way to grow!