Avast Ye, Hearties – the Challenge Voyage Has Begun!

08 April 2019

For over 20 years, Williamstown Boat Day has annually called upon Challenge’s finest pirates to join its crew and set sail to find the treasure and never-ending glory. We continued this tradition into 2019 with more than 100 Challenge lads and lasses embarking on a swashbuckling voyage like no other.

The expedition was separated into two, 1-hour tours with the first one in the morning, and the second in the afternoon. On each tour, we welcomed aboard a new crew of pirates, whilst those from the previous voyage rested their weary limbs.

Once the ship and crew were in tow, the quest for the hidden treasure had begun! Navigating our way through the calm waters of Port Phillip Bay, our ship came to a halt when the Captain cried: “Sail Ho!”. We were not alone.

Traversing these waters was another ship with a crew of scallywags, all vying for the same treasure we had set our hearts to find. Our enemy had approached and fixed in their eyes was the intent of war. But we were ready, we knew this was coming.

With our ship bilged on her anchor, we readied for the battle of all battles, the most primitive of its kind – a water balloon fight (only ecofriendly balloons of course!). Hundreds and hundreds of water balloons were being launched left, right and centre – Captain Bligh would have been proud! Our enemies went down one by one, every moment inching us closer to glory.

At last, we overhauled our enemy and within minutes, we found our treasure. But at the end of the day, the greatest treasure we found was not at sea or buried miles deep in sand; it was in each other. The comradery we all shared was truly something special and something that no amount of gold or riches can possibly compare.

Upon returning to land, we were welcomed by our dear mateys who had cooked up a he-ARR-ty barbeque to celebrate our triumph. With delicious food and live music thanks to #BellandBrowning, it was the perfect way to finish what was a fantastic, but long, long day.

A mighty big thank you to everyone involved, but particularly to our volunteers, Mick Trezise, the Williamstown Charter, Point Gellibrand Rotary Club and the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria. Without all ye, at sea we would be lost!