Andrew Martin’s Walk for Challenge

23 August 2022

News: 23 August 2022

Andrew Martin will set off on his Walk for Challenge – a 900km walk over 16 days, starting at the Challenge Family Centre in West Melbourne and finishing in Sydney. 

Andrew Martin is a familiar name and a familiar face around the Challenge community, and has been for more than 20 years.

Andrew began his interface with Challenge when he started catering for our Parent Dinners in the Royal Children’s Hospital cancer ward. From there, he assisted with catering at many Challenge activities and events, and in recent times, he has been heavily involved in preparing meals for our Parent Retreats.

Andrew is the Gordon Ramsay of Challenge. He is the chef who knows how to make our families a mean meal, whether it be a rich and creamy lasagne or a light and fresh salad. But more than a chef, he is a dear friend and supporter.

On 29 August, Andrew will embark on his biggest challenge: a walk from Melbourne to Sydney – over 900kms in 16 days. 

Andrew has been training for this trek for months, walking kilometres daily to help him finish his challenge in September, which is also Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Andrew, we are in awe of what a star you are, and we are infinitely grateful for your service to Challenge and our families. We will follow you on this journey and will be cheering you on every step of the way.

He is a champion of the Challenge cause, and now, we are championing Andrew.

If you want to get behind Andrew’s Walk for Challenge, show your support by heading to the link below: