A Throwback to an Old Challenge Favourite!

27 January 2022

A special throwback to the glory days of Corryong Camp – a five-day getaway, which was always held in the warm month of January and kickstarted the Challenge camping year. Set in the picturesque and pristine rural community of Corryong – near the upper reaches of the Murray River – this camp quickly became an iconic part of the Challenge calendar among our members, and it was all thanks to a very special family, the Hogg family.

Adrian and Jan Hogg first approached Challenge with their idea to host a camp in their hometown for Challenge kids many moons ago, with the first camp making its mark in Challenge’s history in 1991. From that point, it only continued to blossom with both members and leaders alike always looking forward to the next camp and the adventures it would bring!

Whether we were making our way down the mighty Murray River in a flotilla of rafts and tinnies; four-wheel driving along dirt roads in hummers and land cruisers; or learning the beautiful art of milking a cow (the saying goes: you can’t take the milk from a cow, she gives it to you…😉), there was always a new experience to try. Each day brought a new adventure and pushed our kids to try their hand at something they hadn’t before. There was simply never a dull moment – even pitching the tents brought its own thrill of excitement, as hairy huntsman spiders and colossal green grasshoppers emerged from the warm folds of the tents!

After 20 extraordinary years, the Hogg family decided it was finally time for the sun to set on Corryong Camp in 2011. It was the one last hurrah to celebrate what had been nothing short of an amazing two decades. This camp holds so many stories and special memories and it has all come down to this one amazing family, as well as the extraordinary community behind them. Their warmth, generosity, hard work and sense of fun made this camp the gem that it was, and they will forever be etched into the hearts of anyone who ever attended Corryong Camp.