A Junior Camp to Remember!

17 June 2024

We had an absolute blast at Junior Camp earlier this month with our group of little Challengers at Camp Manyung in Mt Eliza.

The camp was a vibrant and magical experience, brimming with imagination and wonder. Our days were filled with colourful arts and crafts sessions that tapped into our creative spirits, and a captivating performance by Felix the Magician which left us all in awe with his mesmerising tricks (where did the rabbit go!?). Adventures were ever-present as we soared to new heights at Inflatable World, bouncing and laughing until both our legs and stomachs hurt. We also had the incredible opportunity to get up close and personal with a variety of fascinating (although some would say creepy!) creatures, from frogs to snakes, thanks to our friends from Wild Action. The excitement didn’t stop there – we felt the thrill of stepping into the shoes of real-life heroes, experiencing firsthand what it’s like to be a firefighter and a police officer, courtesy of Mt Eliza’s CFA and police. These exhilarating activities created unforgettable memories and a sense of wonder for everyone involved.

Watching our junior troopers express themselves and show their unique personalities was truly heartwarming. Whether it was through their joyful laughter, the way their eyes lit up with excitement, or the earnest conversations they shared with one another, each child revealed a beautiful glimpse of who they are. Like little Amaya, who delighted in showering everyone with compliments, and Jude, who celebrated his birthday with us at camp. These are the moments which really mean the most and encapsulate what this camp is all about – providing a space for these kids to nurture not just their interests, but their individual personalities, quirks and all!

A huge thank you to the Mt Eliza community for rallying around us to make this camp so much fun! And another special thanks to our phenomenal volunteers who make our Challengers feel so safe and at home – we couldn’t do it without you all.

Until next year!