Just this weekend, 60 kids ‘badged’ themselves up to become the 2017 Cops ‘N’ Kids Camp’s latest recruits!

Setting out at 8.45am sharp from the Challenge Family Centre, our Challenge troopers made their way to the heart of Ballarat to embark on an experience like no other.

Upon arrival, the benchmark for adventure was set well and truly high as the kids were greeted with helicopter rides that gave them the chance to see Ballarat from another perspective. And from that point onwards, the camp most certainly did not fail to deliver!

From panning for gold to swimming in pools, we absolutely did it all! We saw an array of different animals at the Ballarat Wildlife Park, we had hilarious caricatures done by the supremely talented Dave Gibb, and we ferried around Lake Wendouree.

But undoubtedly, the highlight of the weekend was being able to live and experience life not only with the coppers, but as a copper! The thrill of sitting in the backseat of a police car with sirens blazing whilst you drive at speeds faster than light is unparalleled (perhaps a little over the top, but you get it…). It is a feeling and experience that money truly cannot buy and creates memories for these brave kids that they can cherish forever.

For all our camps, our aim is to give our Challenge kids a reason to smile, and it is fair to say that Cops ‘N’ Kids most certainly achieved that.

The camp would not have been such a success, however, without a certain group of people. Firstly, a huge thank you to Sarah Legg, our Camps Coordinator. Without all your passion and commitment, this weekend would not have been possible.

Secondly, to the Ballarat community – in particular, John Maloney, Dave and Renee Collins, the Sovereign Hill Lodge and the Cops ‘N’ Kids Committee – that rallied behind us and helped to provide the most fantastic experiences for these incredible children, thank you for your support!

Lastly, to our camp volunteers, you are all absolute legends and we would be lost without you!

What an awesome four days it was, and we cannot wait for what’s in store in 2018!