Well, kids, how is school going? Amazing, horrible, average? I bet you are missing those sleep ins and even more, our most super spectacular April School Holiday Program to date!

Fear not, because you can relive these glorious days NOW as we give you a full wrap on all the highs, and all the other highs (there simply were no lows)!

We kicked off the April holidays at the Challenge Family Centre where our humble abode was transformed into an artist’s paradise. Led by our fantastic Art Therapist, Caryn, every child had the opportunity to use their blank canvas to express their imagination through a symphony of colours and wonderful shapes. We also crafted and designed our very own Venetian Masks, all embellished in their own unique way with paint, feathers and obviously sparkles!

Next up was Victoria’s new and improved adventure park – Gumbuya World! From frolicking in the waters of Oasis Springs to trekking along the Wildlife Trail amidst an array of different species, Gumbuya World certainly did not disappoint and gave our group their dose of adventure.

With Easter over, we needed to understand what happened to the eggs after the Easter bunny has left, so we made our way to the Heritage Chocolate Factory where we learned about the complex, but oh so delicious process of making that cocoa goodness! It is a truly tough job, with the hardest part being trying not to eat it. After a tough day of labour, we were all rewarded with one of life’s greatest gifts – chocolate!

With so much chocolate to eat, we thought it was only fair to share it around with our favourite friends at our Teddy Bears’ Picnic. The weather initially did not go according to plan, but nothing would deter us from arguably the picnic of the century! With cuddly teddies and a delicious BBQ lunch, we all had a BEAR-Y good day!

In case we hadn’t eaten enough yet, we decided to head to Lilydale High School where we learnt what it was like to cook like Gordan Ramsay, paint like Michelangelo and simply be Isaac Newton, all in the span of a single day. With whacky science experiments, baking all types of sweets and mastering the art of the brush, we really did it all!

So, what hadn’t we done these holidays? An adrenaline junkie rush activity – okay, Go Karting! Thanks to the incredible team at Hi Voltage Karts, we fine-tuned our racing skills to the smoothest and fastest Go Kart racers in all of Australia.

It is now goodbye to the holidays, but fret not because we shall be back for the July break! Study hard and until next time!