From the moment we set foot on Port Philip Bay’s shore, our sails were set for the wind to roar!

With the weather in faultless condition for us to clear the harbour, we are happy to say that the 2018 Sandringham Yacht Club Sailing Day was yet another successful event with nearly 100 people in attendance!

As the bows of our ships sliced through the waters, Challenge families embarked on a weekend adventure like no other. Though some kids were naturally nervous and a little hesitant at the beginning, by the time they hit the waters and had a taste of the thrill, they were absolutely exhilarated as they roamed the decks and even took turns at the helm. With life jackets on, no one fell overboard and turned into BOB (LOL)!

At the end of the marina, we took some time to raft up and go for a dip with some of the inflatable toys and super-soakers kindly provided by the Sandringham Yacht Club.

The day was filled with squeals of joy and laughter that were only silenced by the delicious BBQ cooked up by our incredible volunteers.

Nearing its 20th year, the Sandringham Yacht Club Sailing Day has never failed to deliver a huge dose of FUN to our families and this year was no different. Every year the event gets bigger and better and it truly is a privilege to see how much joy it can bring to all our families.

We would like to thank all the volunteers, and everyone involved at the Sandringham Yacht Club – from the skippers to the boat owners – this event quite simply would not have been possible without you!

A big thank you in particular to the incredible Robyn Coombs and Naomi Smith, who every year ensures this event goes ahead and runs as smoothly as possible. You are legends and we are so grateful for all that you do.

We can’t wait to be back in 2019!