With only 14 days until Christmas (*eeek*), Challenge recently joined forces with Build-a-Bear, AMEX and Crown Resorts to host what we had set out to be the best Teddy Bears’ Picnic of all time, and we can PAW-sitively say that it indeed was!

Taking place on the illustrious Crown rooftop, over 150 children had the opportunity to not only build their own, personalised teddy bear, but also bake and decorate their own delicious teddy bear biscuits.

From the moment every child touched their paws down on Crown’s turf, they quickly found their bearings as they made their way to the teddy bear workshop! From stuffing the teddy bear to styling and designing its own clothing, each child made their teddy bear from scratch, personalising it however they wished.

In their teddy bear building endeavours, the kids were also joined by some familiar faces as Challenge ambassador, Andy Lee, and Challenge patron, Nathan Buckley, crawled their way into the room since they could not bear to miss out on the fun!

However, these were not just your average teddies; these ones were real as we brought them to life in their very own heart ceremony. Every teddy was given a little heart and before it was inserted, every child gifted their teddy with different traits and abilities. Some kids decided their teddies would be good dancers and some decided theirs would be footy superstars; some kids wished their teddies to be hilariously funny and other wished for them to be adventurous and courageous. Every child took the utmost pride in sculpting their teddies and it was truly touching to see… and even a little bit funny, particularly as the kids began to name their teddies with some interesting choices such as Helicopter (in their defence, there were a lot of helicopters touching down next to Crown)!

At a time when life can become restricted to the world of cancer and hospital starts to feel like home, days like these can be the best remedies in helping to make life a little bit brighter for these kids. To see all the children happy with their teddies brought smiles to all our faces and was the perfect way to keep spreading the Christmas cheer.

We’d like to thank Build-a-Bear, AMEX, Ann Peacock and Crown for helping to bring this day together.

To Andy Lee and Nathan Buckley, thank you for taking the time to bring some extra smiles to all our Challenge troopers’ faces – you are both legends!

Lastly, a massive thank you to all the volunteers for ensuring the event ran as smoothly as possible and all the children were enjoying themselves – we would be lost without you!

We hope everyone had a beary fantastic day and continues to enjoy the Christmas season!