Kaine Mathrick Tech Scholarship

For many years, Challenge and Kaine Mathrick Tech (KMT) have enjoyed a wonderful partnership. KMT has played a pivotal role in providing IT services and expertise, enhancing the delivery of our programs and services. Their support has ensured that our technology remains current and fully operational. This collaboration has positively impacted both our office operations and the broader community we serve.

In 2024, KMT deepened its involvement within the Challenge community by launching an annual scholarship program centered around their core business—Technology. This annual scholarship is designed to financially support children living with cancer, helping them achieve their IT-related dreams and goals.

Scholarship Overview

The Kaine Mathrick Tech Scholarship is open to Challenge members aged between 10 and 18 who have a passion for technology. This initiative offers a unique chance for young tech enthusiasts to explore and expand their skills, providing a foundation that could lead them to become the next Elon Musk 😉.


  • Age Group: 10-18 years old
  • Must be a registered member of Challenge

Application Process

Complete an application form with personal details and a brief description of the applicant’s tech interests and goals.

Scholarship Benefits

Scholarship funds can be used for any tech-related expenses, whether it is purchasing a new laptop or enrolling in a technology-focused course to learn cutting-edge tips and tricks. The possibilities are endless, offering numerous pathways for tech-oriented growth and learning.

Challenge feels extraordinarily grateful to our partners at KMT. Their support goes far beyond charitable giving, as they have become fundamentally woven into the delivery of one of our key services. It is a sincere honour to partner with such a purpose-driven group.

Together, we look forward to witnessing the incredible journeys and innovations that will emerge from the talented recipients of the Kaine Mathrick Tech Scholarship.