Limited Edition #DoingItForJarrod 2020 Player’s Pack


Leuk has been working closely with his friends from Titleist to deliver this limited edition #DoingItForJarrod 2020 Player’s Pack!

The pack includes:

  • 1 x Titleist Tour Performance Cap with Leuk the Duck logo and #DoingItForJarrod embroidered text
  • 1 x Titleist Players Towel embroidered with #DoingItForJarrod
  • 1 x Titleist Zippered Valuables Pouch embroidered with #DoingItForJarrod
  • 1 x sleeve Titleist Pro V1 yellow golf balls stamped with #DoingItForJarrod

PLEASE NOTE: Prices for this pack and the individual products will only be made available to customers who request a quote and complete the relevant details. The products are currently only available DOMESTICALLY.

All proceeds from the sale of Titleist Limited Edition items will be added to our 2020 #DoingItForJarrod fundraising campaign to honour the legacy of Jarrod Lyle.

If you have any additional questions, please contact