Challenge will continue offering online music and art therapy sessions to our members throughout the lockdown period.

Throughout the lockdown period due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Challenge will continue offering online music and art therapy sessions to our members.

Music Therapy

Music is a familiar and important part of life for children and young people. During illness, children are able to use music to provide comfort, enjoyment and opportunities for self-expression.

Playing instruments, writing songs, singing and dancing to music allows children and young people to express thoughts and feelings, which may be difficult to put into words.

We are excited to be offering music therapy sessions online, so children and families can continue to access music therapy from home during Covid-19. These sessions will be one-on-one, specifically tailored to the needs of your

To register your interest, please contact or

Art Therapy

Art Therapy combines counselling and art-making techniques to offer children and teenagers an opportunity to express themselves in a non-confrontational and enjoyable way. For young people, it can be easier to externalise what’s going on for them using creativity rather than using words,
especially when going through a devastating cancer diagnosis. Art Therapy offers a supportive and caring environment for self-expression, confidence building and relaxation. It incorporates a range of visual art techniques, such as drawing, painting, sculpting, storytelling, play and sensory relief.

During the COVID-19 restrictions, we are moving our Art Therapy service online. We are offering Challenge members aged 4-18 years individual Art Therapy sessions via zoom, and we are also creating online video packages that can be accessed whenever your child or teenager needs some creative relief!

We have also recently launched a six-part video series, tailored towards our adolescent members. This video series helps inspire creativity, encourage self-expression, and enhance self-soothing mechanisms through a variety of different art forms such as line drawing, book making, mandala painting, collage and clay making.

To access any of our art therapy services, please contact our Art Therapist, Caryn, via