Challenge kicked off the month of June in the best way possible with 50 kids journeying to Mt Eliza to embark on a weekend of fun at Junior Camp! Starting bright and early on the Saturday, the kids and leaders exuded excitement as they made their way to Camp Manyung.

Day one of the camp featured a whole variety of adventures that saw our little troopers jumping their hearts out at Inflatable World, learning new circus skills and unleashing their creativity in the art of kite-making. To add to the excitement, there was a special visit from an animal farm, a 24/7 jumping castle and an opportunity to soar among the trees on the fantastic flying fox. These activities fundamentally enabled the kids to get to know one another and form special friendships that will undoubtedly last for a lifetime.

On the last day of camp, the kids reluctantly packed their bags, but fortunately for them, camp wasn’t over just yet! Each child received a fantastic costume surprise that transformed them into their favourite prince, princess or even their favourite superhero. After an endless amount of games, the Victorian Police and local Fire Brigade arrived with their sirens flashing to the cheers of the children. The finale of camp was a visit from our regular special guest, magician Crazy Pete, who stunned the audience with his wizardry!

To conclude an amazing weekend, the parents of our campers joined the group for a lovely BBQ lunch. For every Junior Camp, the family BBQ is always a highlight since it allows our parents to truly see the power and positive impact the camp can have on these kids. For the volunteers and entire team at Challenge too, we find great joy in seeing the smiles on our parents’ faces as their child tours them around the campsite and introduces them to their new friends.

The Challenge Junior Camp is such an amazing opportunity for kids to just be kids. We can’t thank all our volunteers enough – the camp would not have been so successful without you! Your compassionate attitude and nurturing natures ensured it was a safe and truly memorable experience.

P.S. It was very funny to hear parents at playgroup on Wednesday asking each other “was your child fast asleep in the car on the way back home?” to which they all emphatically responded “YES!”.