In the early hours of Saturday morning, the clouds were an ominous presence but the sun shortly broke through to set up what was a gorgeous day for Challenge families down in Williamstown. The ambiance and view of Melbourne that was on display was nothing short of breathtaking!

Challenge kids were treated to a fantastic day of fun with both a jumping castle and bungee trampoline on offer, as well as some of Melbourne’s finest artists available to paint and transform the kids into any creature they imagined. The highlight, however, was undoubtedly the pirate treasure hunt where the kids boarded their respective ships and engaged in one of history’s greatest water balloon fights of all time. The joy and excitement that these kids radiated during and post the water balloon war was truly heart-warming.

The day was also a hit for parents with delicious food dished up and fantastic music from Troy Male. Indeed, it was an event that allowed everyone to kick back and enjoy a day of fun and laughter away from the stress and pressure of treatment.

A big thank you to everyone involved, but particularly to our volunteers, Williamstown Charters, Point Gellibrand Rotary Club and the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria. It is thanks to your efforts that this event was such a success and we can’t wait for it to be back next year!