Within the April school holidays our Challenge troops made their way to Hamilton to celebrate and enjoy our annual Hamilton Camp for the 25th anniversary – what a milestone!

Our group was welcomed with open arms by the entire Hamilton community. The first activity has us soaring to new heights, where the kids got to experience the high life and see from above all that Hamilton has on offer. Back on solid ground, the jumping castle as well as the cuddly (and not-so-cuddly) animals kept our troops entertained for hours on end.

Following what was an adventurous morning, we made our way to Andrew and Christine’s farm where we immersed ourselves into the ways and spirit of country life. From shearing the sheep, horse and carriage rides, to a friendly visit from the Country Fire Authority (CFA) and the State of Emergency Services (SES), it was safe to say that Friday’s activities really turned up the heat!

By the time Saturday arrived, it seemed the weather went a little pear-shaped as the rain and wind tried to dampen our spirits, only to miserably fail! Though we may have been restricted to the more indoor-based activities, we still had a ball and even got to splash around at the Hamilton Indoor Aquatic Centre.

The camp was an enormous success and truly encapsulated why this camp has been so enduring and a favourite for all our members and staff over the years. The Hamilton community is always unwavering in their support and commitment, ensuring the camp delivers a weekend of fun and adventure. The impact in which everyone involved in this camp – from our camp leader, Sarah, to the volunteers and Hamilton community –has on these kids cannot be articulated; camps like this one help to give them a renewed sense of confidence and love of life that sometimes living with cancer can wear away.

We finally would like to thank all the volunteers, our nurse, Grace, the wonderful Ann Hayes, and all the other people and businesses involved – without all of you this camp simply would not have been complete, and we are forever grateful!

We look forward to being back next year in 2019!