Fundraising Event

Vincent Chiodo Cup


The Vincent Chiodo Cup is back and with a new format!

This year’s event will be 4×5 lap races held throughout the duration of the day.

$300 to register and anyone can win from a prize pool of $10,000, paying all the way down to 10th place! The prize money will be allocated as such:

1st prize: $6,000
2nd prize: $2,000
3rd prize: $1,000
4th prize: $700
5th prize: $300
6-10th placers will receive prizes valued between $150-200.

The Vincent Chiodo Cup is proudly sponsored by Peter Stevens Motorcycles.

Secure your spot as one of 40 riders in the Vince Chiodo Cup for your chance to win cold hard cash.

To be eligible for this event you must fundraise a minimum of $300 in cash donations via Everyday Hero and hold a current senior racing license.

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