Well, it’s fair to say there were some obstacles in the lead up to the 2017 Challenge Christmas Party with our office flooding right after Santa’s elves had delivered this year’s presents; but through this adversity, the power of community shone through! The Challenge team of staff, members and volunteers came out victorious and enjoyed one of the best Christmas Parties yet!

From racing in mustangs along Sandown Racecourse to munching on warm Nutella doughnuts under the relaxing Spring sun, there was something for everyone. We had rides, we had hair and nail salons, we had a petting zoo – there was certainly no shortage of choice!

We also had some very exciting special guests join us for what is undoubtedly our biggest event of the year. Four superstars from the St Kilda Football Club heard we had a jumping castle and bounced at the opportunity to spend the day with some of the best kids in Melbourne.

But the most exciting guest of all was none other than Santa himself! Dressed in his most fabulous red suit, Santa arrived with presents for everyone. Although, we must say, Santa was looking a little trimmer than usual this year – I wonder if he will let us in on his secret…

Every child and every parent found a reason to smile and laugh at the Challenge Christmas Party this year and that is exactly what we sought to do. Christmas is such a special time of the year; it’s a time for family and joy. Here at Challenge, it is our mission to ensure that the Christmas Grinch in childhood cancer does not detract from this merry season and that is why the Christmas Party is always one of our favourite events of the year because everyone goes home smiling.

However, before we tie things up, there is a bunch of fantastic people we must thank.

Firstly, to the amazing team at Sandown Racecourse who host us every year – thank you for supporting us and ensuring that this day is always an enormous success!

Secondly, thanks to the staff and volunteers who are instrumental in bringing this day altogether! Without you, this year’s Christmas Party quite literally wouldn’t have been possible and so for that we are incredibly grateful.

And lastly, to all our amazing families – thank you for coming and celebrating with us! You bring the smiles and joy to this event every year and we love you so very much for it!

It’s still a busy period for Challenge as we begin to wrap up the year, but we want to wish everyone the safest and happiest Christmas season! Get your Christmas trees up, whip out the Michael Bublé Christmas soundtrack, and watch Will Ferrell’s Elf for the 1500th time – remember, ‘tis the season to be jolly!