With the month of October in motion and 83 days until Christmas (*squeals inside with excitement*), Challenge has just finished wrapping up its September School Holiday Program and what a success it has been!

Following all the fun and excitement of Urban Camp, Challenge kids decided to escape the City of Melbourne to explore the cobblestone piazza of Olivigna where they learnt the craft of making pasta. From ravioli to tagliatelle, these junior chefs learnt it all as they whipped up some of their favourite dishes. The highlight of the day was undoubtedly when the final product was unveiled and it was time to MANGIA, MANGIA, MANGIA! Thick, al-dente pasta in a rich, flavoursome tomato sauce followed by warm, Nutella donuts… it had everyone thinking la vita è bella!

For our more thrill-seeking Challenge members, we had it all sorted. First, we headed to the Royal Melbourne Show where there were various rides, games and silly showbags for all the kids, ensuring everyone went home a winner! But if big crowds and rollercoasters weren’t really your thing, there was still another opportunity for adventure at the indoor aerial super-park, Latitude. From bouncing to climbing, these kids did it all!

To finish off a super school holiday program, we ventured to Docklands to take on the Dialogue in the Dark challenge and the impressive ArtVo. These experiences stimulated the senses and engaged the kids’ imagination, leaving them with plenty of wonder. Not often do you get the chance to battle a dragon or see the world in darkness!

The past two weeks at Challenge have been frantically busy, but also a whirlwind of fun! We wish all our members a fantastic final term of school and we look forward to seeing you at the next Challenge event. One more thing, GO TIGES and GO STORM!!!