It’s been a whirlwind of events and activities these last few weeks at Challenge and we still haven’t stopped moving! From stylish driving to slumber partying, here is an update of all the action we have been up to recently with our awesome Challenge family.

Many years ago, the Mustang Club of Victoria hosted a ‘Drive Day’ with Challenge and it was an unforgettable experience that still resonates with all of us here at Challenge. However, just a few weeks ago, Challenge was fortunate enough to be invited by the Victorian Mustang Club to participate in a pulse-raising experience of racing around the Sandown track in fast and furious Ford Mustangs.

Though the fun did not stop there with our most recent Challenge Slumber Party being a raging success! It is known to be the night of all nights and it is not difficult to see why – with delicious food, movie marathons and a silent-disco, there was certainly no shortage of fun. Even more exciting, this year’s event welcomed some VERY special guests that made the night even better. The hugely hilarious Andy Lee joined by superstars Brodie Grundy and Levi Greenwood from the Collingwood Football Club and Reece Conca from the Richmond Football Club, who paid a visit and joined in all the fun. From taking photos with the kids to painting their nails, they were absolute legends in helping Challenge to put a smile on the kids’ faces.

But amidst all the action and excitement, Challenge still hasn’t stopped in providing its daily and weekly services such as in-hospital support or playgroup. However, one service in particular we would like to share a little bit about is our hairdressing service. If you did not know, Challenge has been offering a hairdressing service to families in hospital for the past three years, which is made possible thanks to the amazing man, Shaun, our hairdresser.

We have received overwhelming feedback in recent times about what a difference the simple things like a haircut can make to a family living with cancer; but what was even more touching, was the feedback we received about how an experience like having a haircut has become something so therapeutic for our families thanks to the kindness, empathy and laughter Shaun shares with and shows our families.

Challenge feels very fortunate to have connected and met a person like Shaun. He radiates warmth and has a personality that seems larger than life itself. It does not surprise us at all that Challenge families have grown to love him so much because he is truly one of a kind with inspiring amounts of compassion that make him perfect for the job.

Shaun volunteers his time at Challenge and helps our organisation and families not out of recognition or reward, but purely from the goodness of his heart. We are so glad to have someone as profoundly good-hearted as you, Shaun, and thanks for putting a smile on ALL our faces!

Lastly, to wrap things up, a big thanks and congratulations to all the volunteers and staff, who have worked so hard to ensure all our programs and services run smoothly! We can’t wait to see what is in store for the remainder of 2017!