Hey Everyone! Meet Caryn, our new Challenge Art Therapist.

With a Masters in Art Therapy, Caryn has years of specialised experience in practicing art therapy to address the challenges that living with cancer often entails.

Young people faced with cancer can experience complex emotions, including anxiety, fear, depression, isolation, frustration and sadness. These difficulties may extend to their siblings, who can also experience feelings of rejection and exclusion.

The Challenge Art Therapy program fosters a safe and supportive environment where difficult thoughts and feelings can be expressed in a creative and non-verbal way. Research suggests that art therapy reduces stress, anxiety and depression in cancer patients and their families, as well as alleviating pain to improve a greater sense of wellbeing.

Challenge offers individual and group art therapy sessions with our registered art therapist, who tailors creative experiences to meet the needs of the individual.

If you are a Challenge member or parent who is interested in learning more about the Challenge Art Therapy program, you can email Caryn directly at arttherapist@challenge.org.au.