Based on Melbourne’s weather today, you would not believe that it was only yesterday Challenge members were sailing and even swimming in the waters of Sandringham’s Bay. But alas, this is the case and it now appears Melbourne is crying tears of rain as this hugely successful event is over! Though fear not, Challenge crew, for you are about to relive this beloved journey of our castaways to Challenge’s very own “Gilligan’s Island”…

At midday on Sunday, 150 Challenge families assembled at the Sandringham Yacht Club to embark on what was set to be an epic day of sailing and boating adventures! Following a hearty meal provided by the Challenge BBQ team, we cleared the harbour on our boats and watched on, as the gap between them and the shore grew increasingly large. The bow of the boats sliced through the ocean water as the wind caught their sails.

When the sun’s blazing heat started to become a little overwhelming, the boats convened and tailed one another. What was created, far out in the middle of the bay, was a gigantic circle of boats which formed a perfect guarded pool for everyone to swim in and cool off from Melbourne’s heat!

This event gave our families the chance to set sail on the sea and leave behind the worries of treatment, even if only temporarily. It was wonderful for the Challenge team and the skippers to see the day bring so much joy and happiness to the families.

A huge thank you to all the volunteers that helped, and a big thank you to everyone at the Sandringham Yacht Club for hosting us!