Our Challenge pirates struck gold with the weather on Saturday as we hosted one of our most anticipated family events, the Williamstown Boat Day! With golden rays of sunshine stretching across blue skies and sparkling on the waters of Port Phillip Bay, all our families were set up to enjoy a fantastic day of fun and entertainment.
Throughout the day, we had more than 150 people in attendance, all showing up with their biggest smiles and gusto for adventure as they readied themselves to weigh anchor and hoist the sail (even though it was a motor boat)! There was live entertainment, a jumping castle and plenty of food for all our families to relish before we finally called “all hands on deck”, to which our pirate crew responded “aye, aye, captain!”.
Setting sail, off we ventured on our quest for treasure. Along the way all our pirate troops played their part and took their turn in the smooth sailing of the Man-O’-War. To our disbelief, we were also lucky enough to see some beautiful seals in their natural habitat, diving around and showing off their blubber!
The real action kicked off when we engaged in battle…and it was the Challenge ship, which triumphed! Water balloons of both big and small sizes were unleashed at an unprecedented speed and power, all helping to haul the Challenge crew to victory and bring home the treasure!
Upon return to shore, all our hearties were greeted with love and excitement as family and friends were happy to have them safely back on land and as victors too.
We would like to thank everyone involved in ensuring this day was a success. To the Rotary Club of Port Gellibrand, the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria, Captain Grey Beard Mick, oh I mean Captain Mick, Williamstown Charters, the Pirates, our face painters Toula and Kerrie, the band Venus Court and lastly, all our trusty volunteers, we would not have been able to provide our families with this experience without you and for that, we are extremely grateful!