A book never written: “I can’t wait to go back to school!”.

The first day back at school is never fun and term four is always a tough one – the workload begins to amp itself up with those last few assessments, but despite all that, it seems all you can think about is summer. Back to school blues are very real and are certainly made no easier when you have just had the best time of your life on the Challenge September School Holiday Program… yes, it was really that good!

With Urban Camp to kickstart the program and successfully so, it only followed an upwards trajectory from there as we ventured far and wide to embark on various adventures.

The first on our list of quests was in the sprawling hills of Warrandyte where we learnt the craft of making pasta with the wonderful chefs at Olivigna. Despite our hands and faces being coated with flour by the end of the day, it was all worth it as we laughed at each other over delicious pasta cooked to perfection – al dente as the Italians call it, which in English translates as to the tooth, essentially meaning that whilst the pasta is cooked, it is still firm to bite.

Next on the agenda, it was time to take off our chef hats and instead put on our climbing shoes at Richmond’s Clip N Climb. Rock climbing is a tiresome task, and everyone was no doubt left exhausted and ready for a hearty meal, which is when we met up with group two for lunch at Soda Rock. Following a traditional diner meal whilst being entertained by dancing waiters on rollerblades, group one made their way home and group 2 made their way to the movies. We strongly recommend you all see The House with a Clock in Its Walls as we loved it!

By now, we had cooked, we had climbed, we had watched – it was time to get creative with an Art Session at the heart of our organisation, the Challenge Family Centre. From designing our own pots to decorating biscuits, we coloured our day with fun.

To finish off the school holidays, we thought we would do so on a high…but quite literally as we soared to unprecedented heights on the High Ropes Course at Melbourne Cable Park. We all had so much fun that we truly could have stayed up there forever, ESPECIALLY if that meant no going back to school 😉.

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of fun and though we are sad it is over, we look forward to seeing you all again in January for our next School Holiday Program!

A massive thank you to everyone involved in this month’s program, particularly to our amazing staff who always ensured that the kids were having a good time and felt safe.

Remember, study hard, kiddos, and we look forward to seeing you soon!