Art Therapy Video Series for Children

Challenge is excited to introduce the latest addition to our online Art Therapy Video Series, with this series tailored towards our more junior members.

While away the hours at home or in hospital getting creative with Caryn – our amazing Art Therapist – where she will take you through a six-part series of activities.

The main purpose of these videos is to offer activities that work with a range of art materials to inspire creativity, relaxation and curiosity in your child.

Part 1 – Mistake Paintings

Sometimes mistakes can turn into beautiful surprises! Join Caryn as she creates creatures and new worlds out of blobs and blotches.

Part 2 – Shaving Foam Prints

This video will ignite your child’s sense of smell, touch, hearing and sight to make beautiful and original prints from shaving foam. Sensory art is a great way to stay in the present moment and focus on what’s happening in front of you.

Part 3 – Pet Rocks

This video will show your child how to make a family of pet rocks that come in all shapes, sizes and colours! Creating and caring for a pet rock can be very rewarding and soothing for children.

Part 4 – Leaf Mandala Painting

This is an activity that can be done anywhere and is very relaxing. Learn how to make your own mandala inspired by nature.

Part 5 – Glitter Jars

This is a hands on activity that will teach your child how to make glitter jars and how to use the jar for relaxation. These can be taken and used anywhere to help to calm the mind.

Part 6 – Sensory Balloons

A sensory tool kit is a great way for your child to be brought back into the moment and focus on texture, touch and smell. The balloons will inspire curiosity and can be used as stress balls during uncertain times.