Art Therapy for Children, Adolescents and Parents

Art Therapy combines counselling and art-making techniques to offer children, teenagers, and adults the opportunity to express themselves in a non-confrontational and enjoyable way.

During the COVID-19 restrictions, we have transitioned our Art Therapy services online. Our wonderful Art Therapist, Caryn, has also put together  online video packages, which can be accessed whenever and wherever you may find yourself – home or in hospital!

The online series is password protected, but are still available to ALL our members. If you would like to access either or both of these series, please contact Caryn at Caryn will then set you up with your passwords and then you can start getting creative!

Art Therapy Series for Children

This six-part video series is tailored towards our more junior members. The main purpose of these videos is to offer activities that work with a range of art materials to inspire creativity, relaxation and curiosity in your child. 

Art Therapy Series for Adolescents

This six-part video series is tailored towards our adolescent members. The video series helps inspire creativity, encourage self-expression, and enhance self-soothing mechanisms through a variety of different art forms such as line drawing, book making, mandala painting, collage and clay making.

Art Therapy Series for Parents

Being a parent of a child living with cancer is a difficult job that faces many challenges. Challenge recognises this, which is why we have put together this six-part video series especially for our parents.

We hope that these Art Therapy videos offer a space to breathe, unwind and get in touch with your most creative self.

In these videos, you will encounter things you may never have tried before, and other things that might feel familiar. These exercises can be done together with your child and family, or alone for some ‘me’ time.