Departing for Cops N Kids Camp on an early Friday morning, sirens sounded all along King St in West Melbourne as 60 kids were escorted to the Sovereign Hill Lodge by the local police officers of Ballarat.

Once the group had arrived – just in case driving in police cars wasn’t enough – the kids took to the skies with helicopters rides that saw them overlooking the regional forests and surrounding lakes of Ballarat with ant-sized people dotted around.

From the outset of the camp, the tone for adventure and adrenaline was quite obviously set and only continued to soar from there. They bounced on trampolines and tested the force of gravity at Ballarat’s Xtreme Bounce; they panned for gold and glory at the Red Hill Gully Diggings of Sovereign Hill; and, they even raced against time to fast-forward (or rewind for some! *laughing emoji*) to life at university, swimming in the waters of the Federation University Swimming Pool and going to discos with DJ’s and dancing.

Squeezed into this busy weekend, the group managed a little downtime to relax and explore the world of imagination and creativity. From painting at the Plaster Fun House to being drawn as a caricature by the talented Dave Gibbs, if they weren’t running around, they were certainly still having fun!

The Cops N Kids Camp has forged a tradition and to this day, the entire team at Challenge never ceases to be amazed by the enormous generosity shown by the entire Ballarat community. Every individual involved completely devotes themselves to ensuring the kids have the most incredible time, and that is something for which we are incredibly grateful.

The experiences provided by this camp are truly priceless. From building friendships to building self-esteem, the Cops N Kids Camp helps to enrich the kids’ lives with wonderful memories that provide a platform for growth and development.

To all the volunteers, the Ballarat community, and of course, Challenge’s amazing Camps Coordinator, Sarah, thank you for working tirelessly to organise this awesome camp. You did an amazing job.

We look forward to seeing you all in 2019!